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Worked for me.

I started using this app after trying for months to get pregnant and it not happening. Once I entered all my information in I was pregnant within 2 months and our baby girl will be here in January 2019. This app works if you enter all your information correctly.

Absolutely uselsss

There is nowhere to input age or personalize if you have an irregular cycle - which I have. This information on here you could get for free if you use google. Like I say, I expected something more personalized with this if I am paying $4.99. Please refund me - though it’s not much, what a absolute waste of money for someone who doesn’t have a clockwork cycle like me. Rip off app.

Cool app but I need a refund

It’s a cool app but I make a mistake on purchasing the app sorry apple but is there any way to get a refund


Not a viable option for women with irregular menstruation as it doesn’t permit personal customization. Feel personally cheated out of $5.

It works

My fiancé and I have been trying to have a baby for a while now ! I used this app I think someone told me about it then April 1 st 2017 I found out I was pregnant . I would recommend this to anyone

Worst $4.99 ever spent

Total waste of $4.99. Doesn’t even ask for mothers birthday. All it does is track your period and give an ovulation day. I have another app for that. Deleted it right away.

Just ok

The app is ok but not worth the money. You can't add any data or you period start and stop days. Not bad once you know your actual ovulation days but I used a different app to help me with that and then adjusted my ovulation days to match that app.

The best app ever



Esta App es la mejor para llevar el ciclo con exactitud. Muy recomendado.

Great App

I am using this program for long time. It is really great in monitoring you cycle and registering any comments.

Got pregnant at 40 with the help of this app!

Very helpful! Used this app and made sure to pay attention to my body and we got pregnant pretty easily.


very coool

It really works

I used this app to track my ovulation and in hopes of having a girl. It worked! I got pregnant & we have our daughter now & she's a healthy 6 month old. 💕





Worked with my 1st pregnancy. Here is what you have to know.

It works! Although, if you have issues with getting pregnant (tried for several months, no result, but still early to check with the doctor) you have to eliminate all other obstacles from the process: gravitation (better to have sex before going to sleep, even better - make a shoulder stand after, not a joke!), overheating (no hot tub, sauna, etc until you get pregnant and deliver!), stress (happy mood will creat the right hormone chemistry for all the steps of the road), prenatal vitamins (starting 3 month before conception; if one building block is missing, body won't take the job). Also watch with your husband conception videos on Baby Center, it really helps to understand how much work little wiggly guys have to do to get to the egg - to set you in the right mood. The last thing.. think again: baby is not a toy, are you ready to be a parent? It's a life long commitment. First you give all your love, time, and body, and then even more love and more of your time, and then, gradually, you help your child grow and let her/him go away. It's a wonderful experience of a true love. Good luck and let love be your way. ❤️

Worked For Me

I used this app to track my cycle for both of my pregnancies. It worked like a charm as I have three kids, a two and half year old, and two month old twins. Highly recommend!

Those screenshots are the only 3 things you can do on the app

For those of you who are actually TTC, this app is terrible. I have ovulation test strips at home and I'm testing a STRONG positive 5 days before my "predicted ovulation" says on this app for 3 months now. If I wanted a girl, I would probably end up with a boy. "Flo" is 1000x better than this app. (I believe it's free too). You can edit, add positive test for ovulation or pregnancy and you can turn it into pregnancy mode. It's AMAZING. It's called FLO. This app "maybe baby" is literally MAYBE baby. I want my money back.

Great app!

I love this app! It's so easy to keep track of your cycle and baby days! It works :) sprinkling baby dust!


It does what it is supposed to do! Used it to get pregnant with my first baby and now trying again for another!

Very helpful

I used this to track my cycles to get pregnant. I have gotten pregnant twice following it. Still using it to track my cycles and try to get pregnant again!

Great mane simple way to track your cycle and ovulation days!!

Very happy witty his app. I can look ahead months and plan vacations around my cycle. Great, reliable app!


I now have a beautiful son because of this app, I love it thank you

Awesome app!!!!

Has helped me very much while having a difficult time getting pregnant and its super easy to use.


Helped me get pregnant with my one and only baby boy! 💗

Best app for tracking

I like this app for fertility tracking. I'm not planning on have any more children

Great app

I've been using this app for several years now. Very convenient. Recommended.

great app

tracks everything perfectly and is spot on

Reliable App

Great App very accurate it's very helpful to women who have very busy and active lives. This app makes life easier.


Helped conceive 3 times

Very accurate

Love this, it's easy and it helped me with two pregnancies

Very helpful

Like the app so far


I love ❤️ this app.

Saudi Arabia

Very good


Exactly what I need!

Very accurate

Love this app!

Easy to use

Been using for years, love its simplicity.

Awesome app 👏🏼

Very accurate 👍🏼 love it!!!

Extremely helpful

Been using it for years




Love this app.

Not useful for me

I thought it would be useful and I downloaded wasted my money. I want my money back. Very disappointed with app

Love it!

Love this app! Use it all the time


Worked perfectly. Three children later, had a boy and twin girls by using this method. Also my its been five years since my twins so it's helpful at knowing when to not get pregnant as well.

Very helpful!

I like this app is easy to use and seems to be accurate.


I love this app really works

This is a great app!

Love it!

Really works.

I thought I was going to have such a hard time but I tracked my cycle for 4 months on here and was pregnant on the first try. Baby girl born in December 2015 as predicted by chart. It's great and simple. I highly recommend. If you need more details, I suggest using your personal apple calendar to help with tracking as this will adjust back dates of your cycle varies month to month!

Love it

The best

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